Creative catalyst trainer with a passion for elevating brands & businesses by empowering the people behind them. Organizing zesty workshops or being a facilitator for yours.

game-changing resources in just one session I can support you with bespoken solutions adjusted to your requirements or you can choose from already tested concepts:

On Demand Experiences

Brand engagement masterclass for your team

  • Empowering and motivating teams to ensure long-term success
  • A masterclass that always leaves behind fruitful introspection and positive outlook
  • A short and focused framework designed to enable your team to work at its best
  • An invaluable seminar that builds business confidence and drives investment.

Purpose cultivating & embedding lab

  • Transform your business into a purpose-driven model 
  • Empower employees to bring their smarts and enthusiasm to work
  • A focused timeframe to find your North Star
  • A transformation roadmap focused on shifting your business and fostering a thriving community

Intrepreneurship incentive workshop

  • Engage the Entrepreneurs inside your organization.
  • Transform them into Intrepreneurs and harvest their unique skillsets
  • An intensive seminar which stirs the innovation spark within your leadership team
  • Insightful process where we will rethinking all the super-powers engraved in your team

Brand building intensive course

  • Learn how to create your own customized and carefully crafted strategy
  • A comprehensive, immersive process to gain dazzling clarity for your brand
  • Fun and creative exercises that will give you the power to articulate your creative vision & values
  • Up-level your brand mindset and take your business to the next level

Past Workshops