Interacting with people around me, whether they are novice entrepreneurs or business owners with years of experience, I’ve realized that they are eager to discover what a brand really is, how they could articulate the purpose behind it, how would it be wise to define the brand foundation and what is the real impact of a solid brand in perfecting a business.

Thus, I’ve started to organize my own events through which I share my knowledge with all those who are open in shaping a clear and consistent brand strategy. I’m currently running two types of events: public events, aimed at any interested person in developing from scratch or refreshing their brand and private brand engagement sessions for companies.

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Brand Engagement Sessions

A strong brand is that where everyone involved in the business, from management to employees, is guided by the same mission and values, understands what they stand for and what is the audience they serve. Through brand engagement sessions, people in an organization learn how to look at the company from the same perspective, get to know it in depth and contribute to its development.