Taking on the role of a trusted consultant, accomplished professional and experienced partner, let’s work together to transform your brand.

level-up your brand & business
depending on your business’s needs, I can help you with:

Intensive 1:1 Session

A super strong meet-up that will energize you and your brand. Efficient like an espresso shot.

  • An inspirational 3-hours, remote, custom consulting session
  • Take your business to the next level by solving one specific brand challenge you’re facing right now.
  • Perspective, motivation, and a bunch of useful business resources
  • A clear ready-to-go action plan
  • We start with a pre-session questionnaire to identify your unique needs at this point
  • And end with one follow-up email-based review within 2 weeks of our session


A decadent delicious mix of strong brand consultancy and mild business mentoring in one flavoured day of your choice. In other words, a perfect cappuccino! 

  • A full day of transformative consultancy experience
  • Madrid based, in an epic setting (or at a location that you chose, travel expanses on your own cost)
  • Delicious lunch & refreshments
  • Deep diving into your brand or business fundamentals
  • Gain clarity, ignite your vision, and start acting upon it
  • At the end of our time together, you will move forward with confidence and grit
  • We start with one pre-VIP Day planning call designed to establish a focus for our session
  • And end with one follow-up call-based review within 2 weeks of our session
  • In the meantime, you have follow-up email access to me in the upcoming 2 weeks

Brand Consultancy

Have a nice strong cup of black coffee and prepare to be amazed. I take brands from one of the many to The One.

  • One-month trailblazing experience
  • Highly hands-on and collaborative working process
  • A comprehensive brand development strategy and a creative consulting set for a truly compelling and outstanding brand
  • Invaluable resources designed to refer to time and time again as your brand continues to evolve – providing that solid baseline that you can come back to in order to keep you on track.
  • This not only makes your brand impossibly unique and memorable but also ensures consistency across all your brand’s touchpoints
  • We start with ne pre-planning call designed to understand your needs and requirements
  • Continue with follow-up email access to me in the upcoming 2 weeks
  • And end with one follow-up call-based review within one month of our collaboration


Brand Platform
– the foundational strategic:

  • Brand Position
  • Brand Story
  • Creative Concept
  • Brand Personality
  • Target Audience
  • Key Differentiators
  • Key Message
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Lexicon

Creative Brief *
– the magic lens:

  • Visual Language*
  • Logo Look + Feel*
  • Photography Look + Feel*
  • Typographic Style*
  • Color Palette

* Captured in a moodboard. Additional visual references that are intended to guide & direct implementation

Marketing department set-up

A dedicated marketing team and a strategic action plan are two key pillars in your success as a brand owner. Just imagine your favorite coffee kettle at your fingertips!

 Three intense & mind-blowing months (I promise!)

  • Highly hands-on and highly collaborative working process
  • Add a holistic & solution-oriented approach to your marketing unit
  • We start with a pre-planning call designed to understand your needs and requirements
  • Followed by a cohesive useful audit
  • Get full support with:
    • Crafting your department’s organizational chart
    • Recommendations along the recruiting process
    • Team onboarding & integration process
    • Setting-up the internal processes and procedures
  • Continue with follow-up email access to me in the upcoming 3 months
  • And monthly follow-up review sessions within 3 months of our collaboration