About me


I am Raluca Elena Rogoz. Enthusiast entrepreneur with a strong experience in the creative industry and a passionate archetypal brand strategist. I find joy in discovering, exploring and learning from the world around me.

Welcome to
my world!

I am a curious and enthusiast person, who, after more than 10 years of experience in the creative industry, has found the dream job. I work as a brand strategist and I use the power of archetypes in helping my clients to bring to light their brand essence and together, transforming it into an authentic story worth telling worldwide.

My archetype is the Explorer. I have always been drawn to the path of discovering myself and the world around me. My passions for personal development and travel were like fresh breaths in difficult moments, that lead me on the right tracks.

I’ve started as a freelancer in the communication industry, which was an experience as challenging for that age, as beneficial for what followed. Later, I’ve opened my own agency, where I worked with smaller and larger teams for clients from various industries, entrepreneurs, small companies, local or international corporations.

Although I have not found myself in all the experiences from that period, each of them contributed, in one way or another, to what I am today. Later on, I’ve realized that the creative industry needs a broader inspirational point of view and that I have to start all over again, in a new formula, enabling me to move forward.

So that’s how I ended up working remote, from different corners of the world, always relying on the support of a unified team. As a brand strategist, my role is to help companies in weaving a powerful, well-rounded and credible brand personality and a brand strategy leading them to success. Then, together with my team, we craft, shape and share a brand story into a meaningful and honest experience, rooted in our clients’ heart and in their customers’ memory.

Speaking at events and organizing branding workshops & trainings is a way to share my knowledge and experience in this field. I hope that the stories I have discovered and helped to create can be an inspiration for others on similar journeys.


Branding: In Five and a Half Steps

Michael Johnson

The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes

Margaret Mark
Carol Pearson

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Elizabeth Gilbert

Creativity, Inc.

Ed Catmull

The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles

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