I’m Raluca Elena Rogoz, passionate brand strategist, always ready to empower entrepreneurs to create extraordinary one-of-a-kind brands.


level-up your brand & business

Intenssive 1:1 Session

An inspirational remote meeting that will take your brand to the NEXT LEVEL by solving one specific branding challenge you’re facing right now.


Pinpoint the holes you need to fill or the areas where you’re excited to ELEVATE during one day of finding tailored solutions for your brand.

Brand Consultancy

A complete guide to GAIN CLARITY on your niche, ideal client, and messaging so you can feel confident in the foundational pieces of running your business.

Marketing Department Set-up

Developing a CLEAR AND ACTIONABLE set-up for your team and building a step-by-step action plan so you feel supported in what needs to be done to make it happen with ease.


game-changing resources in just one session

Brand Engagement Masterclass for Your Team

There’s a fact: organizations that instill a strong sense of commitment among their employees are more likely to find long-term success. So, let’s create together a unique experience in the landscape of corporate trainings.

Purpose Cultivating & Embedding Lab

A higher purpose is not about economic exchanges. It reflects more aspirational motivations.

Move from slogans to something that is lived in the day-to-day life of your organization. And turn your team into purpose-driven leaders.

Intrepreneurship Incentive Workshop

When given the right context, an employee can thrive and uplift your business to unbelievable heights. It’s time to drive internal innovation by fostering an entrepreneurial environment withing your company.

Brand-Building Intensive Course

Custom-to-you, strategy-based, with your vision at its core. I am giving you a guided framework in which to gain clarity gain clarity on what you offer, to whom and most importantly, WHY.

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